Established Men

Established Men

Established Men is our #4 on the list of top dating sites devoted to the millionaires. The site contains many profiles of university students and women who are looking for a wealthy lifestyle. The site is free for women, but males have to pay a subscription. The subscription includes credits that the member can use leisurely, but there is no question of any guarantee or money back on this dating site. There is, of course, more number of women than men on the site with four women for every one man. However, the women on the site are very active and are incredibly interested in talking to potential dates.

The site goes through constant staff monitoring in order to make sure that the profiles are real. Most of the men and women in the site are good-looking and most of them are looking either for a wealthy men or for their perfect princess. They are also looking for a range of relationships, long term to short-term friendship. Most of the men list their income and many of them seem to have a lot of disposable income.


  • Basic Membership is Free
  • Premium Membership
    • 1 month membership and 100 credits for $79 (about $2.63 per day)
    • 3 month membership and 300 credits for $147 (about $49 per month)
  • Established Men accept Paypal and credit card to make payments.
  • Credits can be used for buying gifts.

Feature List

  • Free to post your personal ads include a tagline, what are you looking for, about yourself and more.
  • The ability of sending messages to start a conversation.
  • Upload privacy photos and give key to someone you would like to.
  • Standard member with a approved photo can send 3 free messages.
  • Show more about yourself by answering several profile questions.
  • It`s available for you to send emails to someone you are interested in.
  • Send flirt to catch his / her eyes.
  • Chat with other members who is online.
  • Add a gift in your message.
  • The ability of sending voicemalls.
  • Perform a quick search to receive matches.
  • Refine your search with location, photos, online and even more.
  • Add filters (Body type, ethnicity, language, keywords and more) to your search.
  • It`s available for your to browse new members and recently online members.
  • Add members to your favorites or blocked list.
  • You are able to know the last login time of other members.
  • It`s available for you to hide your profile from search results.
  • You are able to choose do not share your data with third parties.
  • Premium members are able to meet new members first.
  • Premium members will be automatically recommended to new members.

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Looking for Financial Stability

Females can join the site for free, so there are plenty of women on the site. In fact, the ratio of women to men is around four to three. Men are sure to get a date from this site. The best part of this site is that it is very direct and the women who have signed up are not embarrassed regarding the purpose of joining the site. The site is specifically meant for women who are looking out for men who are financially stable and established and who can look after all their needs.

Cool Voice Calling Feature

Established Men comes with some really cool features. One of these is the voicemail system. Members can leave a voice message without giving out any information. You can make a call to the toll free number and leave a message for a member, so that the other member can listen to the sound of your voice. You don’t have to give out your number as well. In addition, there is no possibility of downloading the voice mail, which is a very important safety feature.

Other Top Features

The site also offers a neat and functional chat and messaging feature. Many of the members are old, so the site keeps things simple. You can send unlimited number of messages and even small virtual gifts. You can use credits for purchasing gifts as well. However, you can also merely opt for the basic messaging feature. Signing up for credits will also allow access to the Dater’s search feature, which shows you the members available for dating in your area on a particular night and it merely costs you one credit for a day, whereas you have hundred available by signing up for a month.

The Bad

Most of the profiles of men on the site are older men, but this is natural as we are talking about men who have established themselves in their profession and are wealthy. You cannot also be sure about the women in the site or the men, though the men have to go through a strict vetting process and must also pay a fee.


15 responses to “Established Men”

  1. Am here looking for a life partner for a long term relationship the right man who is honest, truthful, romantic, loyal caring for love so that I will spend the rest of my life and Soul with Him…

  2. Many of the woman aren’t members, photos are old or not real and when a lady contacts you it means NOTHING, because they aren’t really contacting you!! SCAM ELERT!!!!!!

    1. Your right, coming from a real girl I can only imagine how many fake women are there, I made a profile and quickly shut it down… I feel like half the men where fake profiles or profiles that haven’t been used in a long time. I give up 🙁 all I want is a genuine, nice & honest man.

  3. Robert Avatar

    What is a custom message??? Many women respond that they only answer to “CUSTOM MESSAGES”?????

  4. amria regla navarro Avatar
    amria regla navarro

    I am seeking a single man respectful and loving and above all very honest

    1. Regina Andorful Avatar
      Regina Andorful

      I am single too..maybe we can get to know each other

  5. This site is full of nothing but scammers wanting you to come to their camera site. A complete waste of time and money. SA is must better….

    1. Of course you realize that this article has an affiliate link. Can’t trash a site and expect to make income!

      1. Hi Woody, very sorry to hear about this, but thanks for your valuable comment 🙂 Yes, we accept affiliate links, however, our primary purpose is providing useful and objective information to the visitors of So, affiliate link is not a ranking factor of our top 10 list. Also, we encourage our users to submit real and helpful reviews, any suggestion from you will be highly appreciated.

    2. This is full of scammers who are allowed to add their email address to posts. Regulars emails are deleted by the site. They are really selling a scam hookup verification scheme.

  6. I like this site a lot!

  7. Seeing whats out there.

  8. Charles Avatar

    A little pricey and you have to be vigilant. There are some less-than-honest members, but that exception to the contrary, the site is awesome! Any complaints of suspicious activity are immediately investigated. Those of you who have been around a while will be able to separate fact from fiction. If you’re into the college set, be careful of law enforcement stings to identify pedophiles. I ran across one the other day and messed with them terribly! It was hilarious!! I’ve had so many responses in the short time I’ve ben a member that I broke up with ALL my other girlfriends and will date on EM exclusively! Worth every dollar!! Best of luck.

    1. TONS of fake profiles. The authentic profile is the exception rather than the rule. Not worth the money, due to the large number of fake profiles. However, once you complain about a profile, the admin does delete it promptly.

  9. Charles Bobinscki Avatar
    Charles Bobinscki

    Looks like the entire site is computer-generated and managed. Many profiles are similar in sentence structure and incorrect English. One female was clearly law enforcement, staged as a teen-ager, looking for pedophiles. I have serious questions about the entire site and would suggest caution in its use.

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