4 Fundamental Rules for Dating a Millionaire



So, you have finally found the person of your dreams. What great joy! They are just perfect and everything you ever wished for in a date. And the best part of all, they happen to be a millionaire as well. However, as your first date draws near, you may start getting the jitters. After all, you actually like the person and want the first date to be perfect, so you can leave a good first impression.

But let’s face it: you have no idea how to! No need to worry, though, as this is common, especially if you have met him/her through a dating site. Most people often mess up everything in an effort to make the perfect first impression, but if you follow the 4 fundamental rules discussed below, you might just end up being the luckiest person:

1. Be Simple, Yet Classy

Trying to impress your millionaire date with flashy clothing and accessories may not work for you, especially if you aren’t in the same social class. That’s just not you! Under these circumstances, the best thing you can do is being as simple as possible. This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be classy. Be a lady or gentleman because in the end the first impression matters.

2. Never Discuss Money Issues

Never discuss money on your first date with a millionaire. Money is a private matter and you should keep it to yourself. There is no point sharing your financial troubles with a person you have only just started going out with. If you keep talking about your money issues, it could give your date the impression you are in it for the money. And that’s not appealing at all! Spend more time bonding and getting to know about each other. Try to find out if you really like your date and want to make the relationship work.

3. Don’t Criticize

As you will be meeting your date in person for the first time, chances are you may come across a few things you don’t like about them. Even if you do, put your point across politely without making him/her feel you are judging them. However, if you can’t find a way to make things clear, it’s best to be quiet about it. Don’t criticize or give your unsolicited opinions about your date.

4. Be Your True Self

This is another important rule, not only for dating millionaires, but for any new couple. You want your date to meet the real YOU! If you pretend to be someone you are not, it’s bound to lead to problems in the future as you can’t keep up the act forever. Show your date who you really are. Sure, you may feel nervous and even anxious, but you will get to know whether he/she loves you for who you are or not.

So, are you planning to date a millionaire? Improve your chances of relationship success by following the 4 fundamental rules highlighted above. Why go for a fling when you can make it work long-term.