Millionaire Couple

What You Need To Know About Millionaire Dating

So what if Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg are all taken? You think all the billionaire bachelors have ceased to exist? Think again. If you also have dreams of a rich, multi-millionaire mate, there is a vast world of dating sites waiting to offer you men with deep pockets. You can visit sites like, or Good news is if you are a woman seeking a millionaire partner, you are in for luck as the number of male profiles outnumbers the female ones on these websites.

Hand-Chosen Profiles

You might have your own share of doubts when it comes to these sites but careful observation will tell you who is genuine and who isn’t. These sites promise to provide a platform where the extremely rich can interact with like-minded people because they don’t have time to hang out at bars and clubs. According to the chief executive of, it is about convenience. People who work hours on end need a convenient escape and what better to go through a catalogue online?

Online Dating Vs. Traditional Matchmakers

Online dating is also cheaper than most of the traditional matchmakers. MillionaireMatch and WealthyMen both charge around $20 per month whereas traditional matchmakers can charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars in some cases. Some sites also boast of having profiles of high-profile people, including CEOs, celebrities, sports figures, authors, and such. It was reported some time back that Charlie Sheen was a member of MillionaireMatch for a couple of months.

It’s not just millionaire dating websites that are making the rounds on the internet but there are other niche-bound websites too which might take your fancy. There is the for Jewish singles; there is the and that cater to a certain niche market of singles. This website is based in Dallas and shuts away members with criminal background. Not just shuts them away but takes them down and hands them over to the police. All the membership requests go through a security check and anybody who might have lied about their criminal history gets caught red-handed.

Dating Websites Are Different Than Social Websites

The dating giants recommend people take several factors into consideration before deciding on a partner. Mostly, people are looking for a ‘lasting relationship’ which is close to impossible to find. People need to set realistic expectations so they can find realistic matches for themselves. In the US, the most popular dating sites are and Asia’s No.1 ranked dating website is JiaYuan, from China. Europe’s top websites are and be2. MSN and amigos are popular dating websites of Latin America.

To attract new members to dating websites, these online dating websites keep adding features to enhance the user experience., an online dating giant, introduced the Match My Friend feature to its websites in an attempt to increase its profile database and received great feedback in the form of 20 million new subscribers. The question of social networking sites competing with dating sites was discredited, saying the social sites have a different purpose than dating websites.